Hello, I am Baxter. I am approximately 8 years-old and I am a pit bull mix.  I am 60 plus pounds of pure love.  I am a sweet, old man looking for a home where I can be around people a lot. I have had some pretty serious surgeries to remove some lumps and bumps and really just want a home where I can finally relax and feel nothing but love. I do well with children, but do need a home with no cats or dogs.


Janine was contacted on January 5th, 2019 about an abandoned dog in Harrisburg. The owners had moved out and left me behind. Thankfully the neighbors knew about me and were feeding me. The contacted Speranza and everything started to look up. I happily greeted Janine when she came to get me and was very excited to be out of the room I was kept in for way too long.  I had an irritated eye and lumps and bumps all over, however I am happy-go-lucky even the neighbors that helped save me would tell you so.


I am great with people and kids, but I am better in a home where I am the only dog getting the love.  I like car rides and going for walks. I have been to the vet’s office several times and I am always a good patient.  I love everyone I meet and am just a generally happy, well mannered dog.