Hi everyone! My name is Holly, or as my Foster Mom calls me – Holly Sue. I am around 3 years old and a petite little thing. I was a stray in Mt. Holly, PA, running for around 3 weeks until someone from the rescue was able to catch me. I was super scared of everything & everyone. It took me a couple of weeks to learn that the rescue wasn’t a bad place and the people there just wanted to love on me. I started to learn a few people were nice, but still was pretty timid of all new people. Once I knew ya, I loved ya! A month or so went by at the rescue and I went into a foster home with a big and small dog. I warmed up pretty fast to them – they are pretty cool. I also am told that I am cat friendly too, which is weird.  I guess my little sister looks like a cat, she is the size of one… My Foster Mom also takes me to this other place that has a dog my age that LOVES to run around and chase me – that is the BEST time ever! I usually take a while to warm up to new people. I hear my Foster Mom tell people to just ignore me and let me “secretly” sniff them out, but not to reach for me.  Who could blame me?!  It was pretty scary being on my own at such a young age. That being said, I will probably require a few meet and greets before I find my new forever. I would probably do best in a quieter home, one with older children. I would also LOVE a bigger 4-legged playmate. They help me warm up to new environments a little easier, and THEY ARE FUN! While I love to be active and go for hikes and walks, I also LOVE to cuddle up on the couch and in bed with my human. I also love a good bone to play with or a stuffed squeaky toy. By the way, I am AWESOME on the leash.


I was found running as a stray in Mt. Holly, Pennsylvania and one of the Speranza volunteers was able to earn my trust and get me off of the streets.  I was a pretty feisty girl for the first week and then I realized I was safe.  Overnight I came out of my shell and showed everyone how sweet I really am.  

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I must have been someone's dog at some point, because I am crate trained and know how to sit on command.  I take treats nicely and am great on a leash.  I am calm and affectionate, give lots of kisses and am so eager to learn and please.  I do have one bad habit though;  I am have been known to steal a lot of hearts!