Hi, I’m Craig! People tell me that I’m a big baby…I cry and whine when I really want to be with my people or play with another dog. If I’m left alone and want to find you, I pop up and peek through windows - Boo! I love to go on walks and I keep a clean kennel.

While I do love my people, the tricky part is I am anxious with new people, especially men. We take introductions slowly and carefully. I think I need a stronger leader to make me feel safe and grow my confidence.

Want to know my rescue story?

I was wondering as a stray in the mountain and luckily the people who stumbled upon me led me right here to Speranza!

Report card

I have been growing so much during my time at Speranza! I would love to grow in a home with my people, though. I need an owner who will act as my leader and understand my quirky personality. I can even live with dogs or cats, I would love to make new friends!