Foster Application

Thank you for considering making a Speranza dog part of your family!  Completing the application below is the first step to finding your new best friend. It will take between 15 and 25 minutes to complete the application. Before you begin:

  • We ask for all of the information below in order to ensure that you are matched with your ideal dog. It’s got to be a good fit for you both!
  • Please take your time and answer each question thoroughly.

  • The application must be completed and submitted in one sitting, there is no save function on the application form.


  1. Download and complete
  2. Scan and email the completed form to:


  1. Download, print and complete
  2. Mail the completed form to:
    Speranza Animal Rescue Adoption
    1216 Brandt Road
    Mechanicsburg PA 17055

Primary Applicant - Personal Information
Please provide some basic information about yourself
Name *
Primary Phone *
Primary Phone
Secondary Phone
Secondary Phone
(Home or work)
Address *
Primary Applicant - Employment Information
Please provide some basic information about your employment
Employer Phone *
Employer Phone
Employer's Address *
Employer's Address
Co-Applicant - Personal Information
If there is another adult in the household who will also be responsible for the animal, please provide their information here. (Please note, the co-applicant section is optional)
Co-Applicant Name
Co-Applicant Name
Co-Applicant Primary Phone
Co-Applicant Primary Phone
Co-Applicant Secondary Phone
Co-Applicant Secondary Phone
(Home or Work)
Co-Applicant - Employment Information
Please provide some information about the co-applicant's employment. (Please note that this section is only required if there is a co-applicant)
Co-Applicant Employer Phone
Co-Applicant Employer Phone
Co-Applicant Employer Address
Co-Applicant Employer Address
Household Information
Please provide some information about the household the animal would be moving into
Name(s), Age(s), Relationship(s) to applicant
Age(s), Gender(s), Frequency (Ex. Daughter every-other weekend, grandchildren one night a week, customers to your in-home business, seven men every Tuesday for poker night...)
Name(s), Species/Breed(s), Spayed/neutered?
Are all other animals up-to-date with their vaccines? *
Do you own or rent your home? *
(If you rent, Speranza will require a letter from your landlord stating they are OK with the adoption arrangement and breed.)
In what type of home do you live? *
Is there a fenced-in yard? *
Future Living Situation
Please describe in more detail the future living situation of the animal you wish to adopt
(Ex. Crate, with other dogs, free-range in-home, etc.)
Access to whole home/yard, In limited space in home/yard, or a different living arrangement? ***If the animal will not have full access to the home/yard, please explain the expected living arrangement in greater detail.
Please provide name, address and phone number for all veterinarians used over the last three years.
Many of our dogs have never lived in a home and will need patience, consistency, and time to adjust to their new surroundings and really come out of their shell.
This could includes leashes, collars, food, toys, crate, regular vaccinations, emergency veterinary costs, grooming supplies, and many other unexpected costs.
What behaviors would you not be able to tolerate as an adopter? *
Are you willing to allow Speranza to come to your home for a home-check?