Hello, I am Jellybean.  I am a beautiful Shepherd Mix and am just over 1-year-old. I am looking for a family to help me become a well behaved young lady.   I have a lot of energy and I do need a home with a fenced in yard and no young children, as I can be a bit nippy. I am super smart but haven’t had anyone to commit to my training and exercise yet. I am great with dogs and cats too, but I will admit, I will chase kitties as a game. Basically, I am a ball of fun, who needs some structure. I have so much potential to be an AMAZING dog!  Want to make me YOUR amazing dog??


I have already had a few families in my short life, but they didn’t have time to commit to training and exercise.  I was surrendered to Speranza in May of 2018 so that a more suitable home could be found for me.   I have been looking for the perfect fit ever since arriving at the farm.  I have even gone to a few events trying to find my perfect family. 

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All that you need to know is that I am smart.  Like, genius smart, so you can teach me just about anything.  Total honesty though, I am still working on house training, but I do know basic commands and am ready to take my training to the next level.  I have a lot of energy, so I will do best in a home that can provide adequate exercise along with training.   I walk pretty well on leash and do very well meeting new people.