My name is Lollipop, or Lolli for short, and some people think I am the prettiest girl at Speranza.  I am a French Bulldog mix, am about 3 years old and I'm looking for a very particular family.   I am a bit of a diva, but what Frenchie isn't?  I am looking for an experienced dog family with no children, and who is willing to commit to a training program with a Speranza-approved dog trainer right away.  I do like other dogs and would love fur sibling, though.  I am sweet, affectionate and love to cuddle; but I can also be moody and not always the nicest when strangers enter my home for the first time.  I am a great dog though - don't let the diva in me scare you away.  I am a pint-sized beauty with a lot of love to give.  I also have a medical condition and will likely need to be on medicine for the rest of my life to control my Epilepsy. I have been seizure-free for several months now and my meds are well regulated. 


I ended up in a high-kill shelter like so many other wonderful dogs do.  The shelter staff noticed that I had some resource guarding issues and I ended up on "the list" of dogs that wouldn't make it out of the shelter alive.  Fortunately Speranza saw my cute little face on Facebook and stepped up to save me! I lived with a foster family for about a year and worked with a trainer.  Then it was decided that being at the rescue and getting socialized with all of the volunteers would be a good move for me.  So I am now at Speranza and loving life, meeting tons of people and getting spoiled. 

Check out my report card!

All of the volunteers absolutely adore me.  I am great on leash (although I don't always want to walk too far); I take treats gently and I know basic commands.  I am crate trained and house trained.  I am doing great with meeting new people and socializing with the world, but will need to work with a trainer once in a home to make sure my guard dog instincts are well managed.