R.I.P. Stallone, know that you were loved

Janine: To the owners of the dog I killed this afternoon.

2 days ago you surrendered your senior dog to a high kill shelter with his hind end paralyzed. You told the staff that you didn't know what happened to him. And then you left.

I was contacted about your dog, asking to help. I named your dog Stallone, because I didn't know his real name.

I couldn't pet your dog, because if I tried, he would attempt to bite me. I didn't blame him.

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Marvel Update

We were contacted about him a few months ago after he was seized by Animal control.

After picked up he was taken to the shelter to be killed. Luckily, we were contacted and were able to help save this boy. Marvel is not only handsome, but he has a personality to boot!

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Shirley Temple Update

Sadly, I don't have the best news to report... The lymph nod biopsies shows she has advanced stage lymphoma....

While her prognosisis is poor- she is currently in happy spirits. Dr Amber has put her on a new medication that has reduced the swelling in her neck- so she is eagerly eating on her own.

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Welcome to the family, Libby

Janine: We got a call from Corporal Spada at the Pennsylvania State Police yesterday.

It was regarding a situation that sadly happens far too often.

It was regarding a puppy that was very loved and part of a family, however the young couple were in over their heads. They just had a new baby, and sadly, income was very, very tight.

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Welcome to the family Marvel

We were contacted about this boy. A woman spotted him chained in a yard in South Carolina. Thankfully, the ACO showed up and got him out of there the next day after the owner didn't comply with seeking vet care. But, he still wasn't out of trouble until a rescue stepped up to take him...so we did.

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Miss Frizzle Update

Janine: I woke up this morning to a voice mail from the clinic. Frizzle has taken a turn for the worse.

She has developed a severe case of pneumonia...

I was in hysterics. An emotional mess. I just prayed she made it through the night. I just wanted to hold her one more time.

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