Welcome to the family Duncan

JANINE: I received a call this afternoon regarding a pit bull that was left behind when the owners were evicted.

Upon arrival, I was greeted at the glass door - greeted with big brown eyes and a wagging tail. He barked loudly, as if begging me to free him from where he was left to live - all alone.

When I went inside I cannot express in words what I saw. The house was cold and dark.

The pictures I took cannot capture the reality of the situation. The smell of feces and urine was out of this world. It was a scene you see on tv and in movies, but today I saw it. I experienced it first hand.

On the car ride home he laid in my lap, and I held him so tight. I kept telling him how sorry I am that he was left there...telling him it wasn't his fault and telling him life will be better from here on out.

Welcome to the family, Duncan