Welcome to the family Big Mac, Frenchie, and Milkshake

Janine: I was made aware of a situation in New Bloomfield - only 35 minutes from the rescue.

When I arrived I saw the dogs chained to dog houses. I heard barking coming from a red barn and one white face peeking through the window.

The one chained male is 2 years old. He is covered in filth and has a bloated belly, most likely from parasites. He has sad eyes - eyes that make your heart melt. These eyes long for love and attention.

The other chained dog is a 4 year old female, however she looks much older. Her ribs show through her dull coat . She is not trusting of people. She acts out in an aggressive manner; she doesn't want to be bothered. She doesn't want to be loved, because she has no idea what that even means.

The third dog is the one whose head poked out that window - the one who was barking, as if begging for help. When I saw this one, my heart sank. The pictures do not truly show how emaciated this 3 year old is. She walks slow as she is weak and tired. However, her tail still wags...constantly.

It breaks my heart to know that these dogs have been living like this for years - their whole lives. They say a chained dog is a choked soul, and by the look of these dogs, I believe it. However, I’m excited to make a change for them…starting today.

Welcome to the family, Big Mac, Frenchie, and Milkshake.