Welcome to the family and Merry Christmas Nick

JANINE: The last 2 Christmas Eve's we have gone to Philadelphia to save a dog set to be euthanized... and this year we are keeping the tradition alive.

I emailed the shelter this morning asking for a dog that truly needed a Christmas Miracle to survive.

I said that I didn't care who it was. Whether it has behavioral or medical issues . Young or old. Male or female..... and they responded about a dog that frankly surprised me....

This dog doesn't have behavioral issues. He doesn't have medical problems that need addressed- he's a healthy 3 year old male pit mix that was surrendered to the shelter because his family had a baby....

He has sat in a kennel for the past week or so. Stressed. Confused. And depressed.

He was set to die twice - however the shelter granted him an extension- hoping a rescue would step up.. but sadly, no one ever did. Tonight, at 6 pm, he would have taken his last breath. Without his family. In a loud and noisy shelter. Alone.


Needless to say we are heading back to the rescue- with a 65 pound pibble in the back seat of my car - sound asleep. And snoring.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life .

Merry Christmas , Nick