Barbie Update

JANINE: This video may not seem like a big deal, but to us at Speranza, this is a HUGE step for Barbie. We were contacted about her at the beginning of summer by a local person. She was taken out of a horrible situation in York. Once the woman got her home, she realized that she was in over her head. Barbie was VERY reactive with dogs. If she saw one, even from 50 feet away, she would lose it.

She would lunge, growl, try to alligator-roll out of her leash, and sometimes she would redirect at the person holding the leash.

A few local rescues recommended that she be euthanized due to her dog aggression. So, we took her in .

I'm not going to lie; she was quite a handful at first. And yes, she was very dog aggressive. In my opinion, it was due to her never having been socialized.

Over the months ahead, she has had time to decompress. I never would have put her next to a dog in a play yard until yesterday, because she would fence fight and try to climb, dig, or push her way to get to the other dogs.

Yesterday, I took this video and I was so so proud to see her respond in a positive way. While she is still unsure of what 'play' is, this is a HUGE improvement for our little short stack. And, I'm very confident that one day she will be able to play with other dogs.

We have had numerous dogs come here, labeled highly 'dog aggressive.’ But, after many months, most have learned how to play. And those are moments that just make your heart swell with joy.

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