Welcome to the family, Libby

Janine: We got a call from Corporal Spada at the Pennsylvania State Police yesterday.

It was regarding a situation that sadly happens far too often.

It was regarding a puppy that was very loved and part of a family, however the young couple were in over their heads. They just had a new baby, and sadly, income was very, very tight.

They didn't have the finances to properly care for this girl. She is very underweight, but you can tell it was not intentional neglect. They truly loved her and did the best they could.

When Corporal Spada spoke to them, they realized, while heartbreaking, surrendering her to us was the best option for her. And because they loved her so much, they did.

We are looking for a foster home ASAP. She is GREAT with children and dogs..

Please message us if you can help foster this sweet girl.

Welcome to the family, Libby.