Shirley Temple Update

Sadly, I don't have the best news to report... The lymph nod biopsies shows she has advanced stage lymphoma....

While her prognosisis is poor- she is currently in happy spirits. Dr Amber has put her on a new medication that has reduced the swelling in her neck- so she is eagerly eating on her own.

A wonderful Volunteer , Amy, has offered to take Shirl home this week.

While we can't promise her a long life ahead - we can promise that she will have so much love for the rest of her days...

I don't know exactly how much time she will be with us - that's up to Shirley. But, as long as she is happy and pain free she will remain in a loving home.

Thank you all so much for the prayers and support.

We promise to give this girl one hell of an ending until she tells us its her time to cross the bridge