R.I.P Shirley Temple, it's not good bye—it's just see you later

Shirley Temple came home from the vet yesterday- and I sent her to Amy's house. Hoping she would have a few more weeks under her belt....

Sadly, she didn't. She whined and paced all night. She was at the point that she could not even swallow.. the cancer had completely taken over her body...

This afternoon, she came to the farm. And I laid with her under the trees , just soaking up the sun - ...as that's what seemed to be her favorite thing.

While waiting for Dr Pryor to arrive she licked away my tears until she fell sound asleep.

At 1:58 this afternoon, I held her as she crossed the rainbow's bridge.

I'm sorry we couldn't give you more time. I'm sorry we didn't know you longer than we did. But I'm thankful that you are now at peace . Resting comfortably and pain free.

Rest easy , sweet , Shirl. It's not Good bye- it's just see you later