Hello there!   They call me Ratatouille and I am an approximately 7-year-old mix breed dog. It is suspected that I have some Irish Wolfhound in me, but really, it's a big mystery!  While we aren’t quite sure what kind of dog I am, everyone is 110% sure that I am adorable.  I am a very friendly and laid back dog looking for a home of my own.  I do great with large dogs and children over 8-years of age, but I do need a home without small dogs.  I love to go for walks, but my favorite thing to do is just lounge around.  Is there room on your couch for me?


I was in high-kill shelter waiting for a family to save me and then one night the volunteers were very sad and wouldn’t look at me - until Speranza called and committed to get me out of there safe and sound!  I’ve been at Speranza waiting for my forever to begin since the fall of 2017.  I have a very unique look as my fur is thick, long and wire-like.  When I arrived at Speranza I was almost completely bald, but my fur is growing in nicely.  I also have a dangling lip. LOL! No one knows quite why, but its always pouty and drooping.  Dogs don't come more interesting looking than me. 

Check out my report card!

I am a very well mannered pooch.  I am very laid back and walk wonderfully on leash.  I keep me kennel very clean and take treats oh-so gently.  I am mild mannered, affectionate and low maintenance....pretty much the perfect couch potato companion!