Hey guys! Scrooge here! I'm a 2 year old chi/beagle mix with a very fitting name. I was surrendered because my family ended up being a little scared of me when I would turn into a grumpy man. My foster mom and trainer believe that I was just given the title of King and didn't have any rules in place. I will need an experienced owner & one willing to give me structure with rules enforced. From what my foster mom learned - I claim things and don't like being told 'no'. The first few days I was an angel, so she knows I can be sweet. I'm sort of like a sour patch kid.

In my foster house - I live with a small dog and two big dogs. I co-exist with them, but I'm not interested in playing with them. I am also not a fan of cats. I am not into the whole toy thing. The one thing I do enjoy are my walks.

My foster mom said I'm being good in the house as far as very few accidents. I don't like the crate, but do well in it for the most part.