Hey guys! I’m Selma! I am a very pretty and young girl who they say may be a mix of a few different breeds. I am energetic and learning so much in my foster home. When I came here, I didn’t know anything. No one taught me where to potty or that I can’t be on kitchen counters...oops! I have learned that grass is where I potty and that I eat out of a dog bowl! My foster parents give me a treat each time I come inside from pottying and I never let them forget it! I can be a little rambunctious due to my high energy level, so I would do best in a home with older children. I have made some dog friends, but they tell me I like to play rough. I would need fur-siblings that are okay with that. As for kitties, I have never been around them, but I was recently cat tested and passed with flying colors!


I came from a shelter in North Carolina just after the start of the new year. I spent a short amount of time at the rescue, but I was a little scared and overwhelmed. Now I am in a foster home.

Check out my report card! 

I am slowly learning more commands. I am a pro at “sit” already! I am so gentle when I take treats. Mom is very proud that I haven’t had any accidents in over a week. They let me outside often and I know that is when I should use the potty. I do have that young pup energy, so I would love for my adoptive family to play with me a lot. I can show off my zoomies outside in the yard! Then I’ll be ready to come inside and take a snooze with you!