Hello!  My name is Stuart.  I am a sweet, but very shy young dog who is looking for the perfect, quiet family.  I have some anxiety and really just want a life with structure, reassurance and love.  I am a great dog and really come out of my shell once I know that I can trust you, but strangers and crowds really scare me.  I am looking for a family with a small dog to help me learn the ropes and build my confidence.  This home should be quiet, dedicated and patient and have no children.  I am affectionate and smart, but need guidance and patience.  

Want to know my rescue story? 

I used to live with a wonderful family who managed my anxiety well.  Unfortunately there was an incident at a dog park one day and I bit a stranger on the hand out of fear.  My family was enlisted in the military and was being stationed overseas.  Sadly, because of my bite record, they could not take me with them to the military installation.  So they decided to surrender me to Speranza in hopes that I can find a new family.  


I walk very well on a leash, keep my kennel super clean and used to live in a home.  My former owners say that I am crate trained, house trained and know basic commands.  I would benefit greatly from obedience training to build my confidence and to build my bond and trust in my new family.