Hello, I am Warner.  I am a handsome, young Lab/Pit mix.  I am about 3 years old and am as fun as can be! I am energetic and strong, but want to please and learn. I know basic commands and used to live in a home, so I have good house manners.  I came to Speranza in January of 2017 and have been looking for a new family ever since.  I would do best in a home with no young children just because of my size and energy level.  


I used to have a family, but my human dad went away for a long time and when he came home I was very protective of my human mom with him.  Sadly, they decided the best thing to do was to surrender me to Speranza so that I could find a new family dedicated to working with me and raising me to be a respectful young man.  

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I am a young dog with a lot of energy, so a family that will see to it that I get adequate exercise is a must.  With proper exercise, attention and training I have the potential to be an extremely well-behaved dog.  I am smart and love to learn, so a family dedicated to obedience training would be ideal.  I need to be on a regimented schedule and will settle into a new home in no time at all!    I do know some basic commands.