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Rescue and rehabilitate the severely neglected and abused


What is Speranza Animal Rescue?

Speranza Animal Rescue is a non-profit, 100% volunteer run rescue, rehabilitation center and sanctuary, committed to saving the most abused and neglected animals with the goal of finding loving homes for as many of them as possible.  Speranza is located on a 17.5 acre horse farm in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, which provides the perfect setting to offer time, patience and love to those animals needing a second chance.   Speranza, which means “hope” in Italian, is an all-breed rescue focusing on Pit Bulls and other Bully Breeds.


What Does Speranza Do?

Speranza Animal Rescue rescues animals, mainly dogs, from a variety of situations; animals saved have come from owners surrendering, dogs on the euthanasia list at kill-shelters and from unimaginable cases of abuse, neglect and misfortune.  Speranza takes on cases regardless of the medical costs associated and provides all of the top-notch veterinary care necessary and accepts dogs with behavioral issues that most rescue organizations won’t consider.  

Each animal is treated for any ailments, given time to adjust and then evaluated to determine if that animal needs rehabilitation or if it can be adopted to a loving family.  If an animal has behavioral issues that prevent it from being safely rehomed, but can be safely managed at Speranza, the animal will live out its natural life at the Speranza farm.

Read the full story of Speranza and more info on all of the dogs in rehab.


How Does Speranza Do It?

Speranza Animal Rescue is funded entirely by donations from our generous supporters and is manned exclusively by volunteers.  It takes a village to provide everything needed for the 50 dogs at the rescue, 15 more in foster care and the other animals on the farm.  The Speranza mission to save the most abused and neglected animals would not be possible without the continuous donations and annual fundraising efforts.


Featured Dog

Saint Nicholas

Nick 3.jpg

Speranza Animal Rescue has saved hundreds and hundreds of dogs over the last 5 1/2 years and each one has been a great dog. However, every once in a while a dog comes through the rescue that we instantly know is different...and special.

Janine and her boyfriend, Bo, have an annual tradition of going to a local (Philadelphia) high-kill shelter and allowing the volunteers to select a dog for Speranza to save. Usually it's a dog with extensive medical or behavioral problems.

On December 24, 2016 the shelter volunteers once again had the opportunity to save a dog and send it to a promising future with Speranza. Instead of the sick or aggressive dog Janine expected, the volunteers unanimously decided to ask Janine to save an owner surrender. This dog had stolen their hearts in the short few days they had known him and sadly his time was running out. They couldn't bare to accept that he wouldn't live to meet a new family or even see tomorrow.

So, Janine met this handsome dog, a 6 year old male, and decided to name him Saint Nicholas in the Christmas spirit. Nick, as we call him, made the trip back to Speranza that night and has wiggled his way in every volunteer's heart since then.

What we know from the shelter is that he had a family for 6 years and when they found out that they were expecting a human baby, they surrendered Nick to the shelter. This is particularly ironic, because what we have observed over the last ten months is that Nick is just a big goofball who is well behaved and just ADORES children. Although he is a sizable boy, weighing about 70 pounds, he is sweet and affectionate. He is gentle with children and just craves attention and praise from everyone around him.

He loves car rides, is a good jogging buddy and loves to go for walks. He is great on leash, but because he is big and strong, he does pull when excited. But what dog doesn't?! Nick has a great personality. He is attentive to the people around him and is always smiling. He is always in the mood to sit, cuddle and have his ears or booty scratched. He is the perfect combination of playful and calm.

Nick does need to be an only pet. He wants to chase cats and doesn't do well with other dogs.

So what's the point? The volunteers are coming together in an effort to FIND NICK A HOME BEFORE CHRISTMAS! We will be flooding his Facebook page with pictures, videos and information about Nick and  so that we can get this awesome dog into the family that he so deserves and needs.

We love all of our dogs and they all deserve homes, but there's something special about this boy that compels us to go above and beyond to find him his forever family as soon as possible. We will miss him terribly when he does go to live out his fairy tail ending, but we can't wait to see him go!

Nick 1.jpg


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