Rescue and rehabilitate the severely neglected and abused


What is Speranza Animal Rescue?

Speranza Animal Rescue is a non-profit, 100% volunteer run rescue, rehabilitation center and sanctuary, committed to saving the most abused and neglected animals with the goal of finding loving homes for as many of them as possible.  Speranza is located on a 17.5 acre horse farm in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, which provides the perfect setting to offer time, patience and love to those animals needing a second chance.   Speranza, which means “hope” in Italian, is an all-breed rescue focusing on Pit Bulls and other Bully Breeds.


What Does Speranza Do?

Speranza Animal Rescue rescues animals, mainly dogs, from a variety of situations; animals saved have come from owners surrendering, dogs on the euthanasia list at kill-shelters and from unimaginable cases of abuse, neglect and misfortune.  Speranza takes on cases regardless of the medical costs associated and provides all of the top-notch veterinary care necessary and accepts dogs with behavioral issues that most rescue organizations won’t consider.  

Each animal is treated for any ailments, given time to adjust and then evaluated to determine if that animal needs rehabilitation or if it can be adopted to a loving family.  If an animal has behavioral issues that prevent it from being safely rehomed, but can be safely managed at Speranza, the animal will live out its natural life at the Speranza farm.

Read the full story of Speranza and more info on all of the dogs in rehab.


How Does Speranza Do It?

Speranza Animal Rescue is funded entirely by donations from our generous supporters and is manned exclusively by volunteers.  It takes a village to provide everything needed for the 50 dogs at the rescue, 15 more in foster care and the other animals on the farm.  The Speranza mission to save the most abused and neglected animals would not be possible without the continuous donations and annual fundraising efforts.


Featured Dog



Our sweet, pint sized Thelma Lou has been with Speranza since October of 2014.  She is a petite pitty looking for a home where she can be the one and only pet.  Thelma currently lives with a foster family, but has to be kept separately from their dog and cats, or they would have adopted her already!

Thelma is three and a half years old and weighs about 45 pounds.  She was found a stray in Philadephia, covered in bruises, cuts and punctures from having been attacked by another dog.  She was saved by Speranza from being euthanized at a high-kill shelter due to a lack of space and because she was injured, and has been waiting for her forever family since.

Thelma has graduated from top-notch obedience training and loves to learn.  She is a people-pleaser and will do tricks all day for smiles (and treats).  Thelma knows the following commands: sit, down, stay, place, come and shake.  She enjoys working with her handler and practicing her skills.  She is crate trained and housebroken.  She loves chew toys, but does not chew on household items.

Thelma is a laid back dog in the house. She wants to be close to her people, but she is also never far from a comfy bed or her chew toys.  She will do best in a home with a fenced in yard, as she loves to trot around and just take in all the smells. 

Thelma gets anxiety when going on adventures outside of her comfort zone, so her ideal family would allow her time to adjust to her new home and then slowly start to introduce her to her new neighborhood and surroundings.  She is perfectly content just being a homebody, but would benefit from slow and controlled exposure to new places.  This is another reason why a fence in yard is ideal.


Thelma’s foster mom describes her as laid-back, affectionate and distractingly adorable.  She says that Thelma learns incredibly fast, picking up on routines and listens well.  She is sweet, well-mannered and always ready to cuddle or play - whatever you’re in the mood to do.  She entertains herself and is very low maintenance.  Thelma has met several children and does well with them.  She is very strong for her size and should never be walked by a child.  She gets very excited when playing and could accidentally knock a child down, but does do well with children over 8 years old.

We are shocked that this adorable face has never had any adoption interest or a meet and greet!  Let’s find this beautiful pitty a home of her own.  Could it be you?


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