Where do your donations go?

With 50 dogs at the rescue, at least a dozen more in foster at any given time and usually a few waiting for a kennel at the rescue in boarding, we have high operating expenses and never-ending needs.  Below is a summary of Speranza’s use of donations over the course of one month:

Food and Treats



18 cans of dog food/day = 540 cans of wet dog food per month

The dogs are fed about 1/3 can of wet food in the morning in addition to their dry food.



 100 cups of dog food/day  = 3,000 cups/month = Almost eighteen 50-pound bags of dry dog food per month

 Each dog gets about 1 cup of dry food twice a day.


15,000 dog treats per month

500 individual dog treats/day = 15,000 dog treats per month

The dogs all get treats during training and when going back into their kennels.


Blankets, Bedding, Towels, Toys


1,200 blankets per month

40 blankets/sheets/comforters per day = 1,200 blankets per month

Each dog has a blanket or two or three to stay warm and comfortable in their kennels.  Bedding is reused for a few days if it is clean.  We wash as many “wet” blankets as we can keep up with but toss “dirty” blankets.


600 bath towels per month

20 bath towels per day = 600 bath towels per month

We use bath/beach towels in addition to blankets for bedding in kennels and for cleaning up large messes.


450 hand towels per Month

15 hand towels per day =  450 hand towels per month

We use hand towels for cleaning and drying around the rescue. 


600 toys per month

20 toys per day = 600 toys per month

 All of the dogs have toys in their kennels.  We throw them away once the dogs start to destroy them, so some last for a long time, but stuffed plush toys tend to get tossed quickly. We prefer non-squeaking durable toys that the dogs can’t chew into pieces and digest. 


Cleaning Supplies


60 canisters of wipes per month

200 disinfectant cleaning wipes/day = 6,000 cleaning wipes per month = 60 canisters of wipes per month

We use wipes to clean kennels and all sorts of things around the rescue. They are a staple in our daily routine.


60 rolls of paper towels per month

2 rolls of paper towels per day = 60 rolls of paper towels per month

We use paper towels to  clean messes, dry things, clean kennels and other uses around the rescue.


12 bottles of disinfectant cleaning spray per month

3 bottles of disinfectant spray cleaner per week = 12 bottles of disinfectant cleaning pray per month

We use disinfectant spray to disinfect things all around the farm.  This is a staple in our daily cleaning routine.


20 bottles of disinfectant floor cleaner per month

5 bottles of disinfectant floor cleaner per week = 12 bottles of disinfectant floor cleaner per month

We scrub and mop the kennel floors daily using disinfectant floor cleaner.


4 bottles of Dawn dish soap per month

1 bottles of Dawn dish soap per week = 6 bottles of Dawn dish soap per month

We wash food and water bowls daily and there are endless things to wash around the farm.


8 bottles of laundry detergent per month

2 bottle of HE laundry detergent per week = 4 bottles of laundry detergent per month

We have a washer and dryer to wash and reuse lightly soiled blankets and towels.


4 gallons of bleach per month

1 gallons of beach per week = 2 gallons of bleach per month

We use bleach in laundry and certain cleaning duties daily.


8 boxes of gloves per month

2 boxes of Disposable Rubber Gloves per week = 8 boxes of gloves per month

Volunteers wear rubber gloves when cleaning, handling sick dogs and any particularly dirty chores. We throw out a lot of gloves.


Miscellaneous items such as brooms, dust pans, shop vacs, sponges. We use an endless list of miscellaneous things that don’t need to be replaced weekly or event monthly, but do wear out eventually, and we use multiples of most of these types of items.

We have said it before, and we will say it again, Speranza Animal Rescue has the best, most generous supporters in the world. The generosity of our followers in the form of in-kind donations and donation drives keeps a steady flow of the supplies listed above coming in to Speranza. We rarely need to spend funds to purchase these items. This allows us to use monetary donations to provide veterinary care and facility maintenance/upgrades, so we can continue serving our mission and use that money where it matters most.

Monthly Expenses to the Rescue


85 applications of flea and tick preventative per month

$400 per month (average)

We do receive donations of flea and tick preventatives, but it is often not enough to meet our monthly needs for dogs at the rescue and dogs in foster homes.  Our dogs are all treated on the first of every month, so if we don’t have enough on hand, we have to purchase more.


85 doses of heart worm preventative per month

$450 per month

All of the dogs under Speranza’s care receive monthly heartworm preventatives.  We do get a very good rebate deal from the manufacturer through our veterinarian, but it is still an expense of about $250 each month.


Veterinary Care for for 85 dogs, 4 cows, 11 pigs, 2 goats, 1 Sheep, 3 horses, 1 mule, 2 donkeys, 3 alpacas, 2 mini horses and a few cats

$25,000 - $35,000 per month

 Veterinary care is our biggest expense, but that falls in line with our mission of saving the most abused and neglected animals. Our animals receive the absolute highest quality of veterinary care available and the dogs we rescue often need extensive medical attention and procedures. Our monthly veterinary expenses typically range from $10,000 - $20,000 and that includes regularly scheduled exams, farm visits, all required vaccines and annual tests, emergency situations for dogs already in our care and the initial vetting and emergency care required for any new animals, as well as everything else that comes up when caring for 65 dogs, 3 cows, 8 pigs, 3 goats and a few cats.


Hay/Straw/Saw dust for Speranza’s farm animals

$200 per month

We are located on a horse farm but it is not a hay or straw producing farm so we do have to buy bedding for the livestock.


Food for Speranza's Farm Animals

$550 per month

We buy all the grain and pellets needed for the livestock to keep them happy and healthy each month.


Facility Utilities

$1,800 per month

The utilities include everything from the trash disposal to the electric that provides all of the dogs with heat, air conditioning, lights and power.


Speranza’s Insurance Policy

$125 per month

We are required to maintain an insurance policy to cover the rescue.  We pay about $125 per month for our insurance coverage.


Speranza’s rescue vehicle loan payment and car insurance

$500 per month

You can’t rescue dogs if you can’t transport them! Speranza’s rescue vehicle provides reliable and safe transportation for animals initially being transported to the farm. It is also used to transport dogs to and from the rescue for veterinary appointments, home visits with prospective adopters, fundraising events and even public appearances, such as local radio stations, nursing homes, etc.


12 leashes per month

$80 per month

Speranza Animal Rescue uses a specific slip lead in daily operations.  We give a leash to each adopter and dispose of them after they’ve endured too much wear and tear. We replace at least 6 per month.