Ways to Help

Speranza Animal Rescue operates and relies 100% on donations


What does that mean? It means that we operate entirely on charitable contributions. From the food the dogs eat, to the toys we use for play and rehabilitation, to the veterinary care we provide for the dogs, to the lights on in the barn, we rely on the generosity of our incredible supporters. Because of the nature of the animals we rescue – the severely malnourished, neglected and abused – many times they require very high level and expensive care.  But our commitment to saving the dogs that no one else will  means that we must also continuously look to our supporters for help.

Speranza Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non profit and all donations are tax-deductible

How can I help?

Donate CARd, Cash or Check

Monetary donations helps to pay for our expenses such as veterinary care, facility utilities, etc.  All money donated is used to care for the animals and to maintain the facilities.  


Mailing Address
Speranza Animal Rescue
1216 Brandt Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Donate Items

We are always in need of toys, bedding, cleaning supplies, food, etc. By donating these items, it allows us to use the money we receive in other ways.  

  • Canned wet dog food (Purina or Pedigree preferred)

  • Flea and tick preventatives for dogs 45-88 pounds

  • Soft/moist dog treats

  • Durable, NON-SQUEAKY toys for large dogs (no rawhides please)

  • Concentrated disinfectant floor cleaner

  • Disinfectant cleaning spray and floor cleaner

  • Contractor sized Trash Bags (55 gallons or larger)

  • Brooms and dustpans

  • Large plastic storage containers with lids

  • Bedding - new or used (but clean) blankets, sheets, comforters, large towels (no washclothes, hand Towels or pillowcases please)

  • 6 foot leash (this leash and only this leash please) (click on "6 foot leash" to see and purchase our preferred leash)

  • Harness Leads (this one and only this one please) (click on “Harness Leads” to see and purchase our preferred leash)

We do not need disinfecting cleaning wipes, rubber gloves, small towels, pillow cases, collars or leashes (unless the one specified above), opened bags of food or treats or dog clothing. 


Drop off Location
Speranza Animal Rescue
1216 Brandt Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Drop off Hours
8:00 AM and 2:00 PM
5:30 and 7:00 PM

Unable to drop off during these times?
Contact us
(717) 609-6020


Amazon Wishlist

We have also set up an Amazon Wishlist with items that we use on a regular basis.

Items can be shipped to:
Speranza Animal Rescue
1216 Brandt Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Creative Ways to Help

HANG flyers

We have created several flyers that you can print and hang where it is allowed to help spread the word about Speranza. Please do not put these flyers on cars or in mailboxes, and confirm that you have permission to hang them before you do so.  

Hold a Donation Drive

Want to get your organization involved to help Speranza? Hold a donation drive! Simply use the donation list above to create flyers asking for donations or use our pre-made, printable flyer.

This is is a great activity for scout groups, youth groups, classrooms, work teams, etc.  We are happy to work out a drop off time with you that would allow you to visit our facility and meet a dog or two for a photo-opportunity. Contact us at info@speranzarescue.org or (717) 609-6020.

Birthday Party

Does your child have too many toys already? Start teaching your child about giving back by asking birthday party guests to bring supplies for Speranza in lieu of gifts. Then you can schedule a time to bring your child to the rescue to drop off the donations and meet one of the dogs that they are helping!

Wedding Favor

Donating to Speranza in lieu of giving wedding favors or asking guests to donate to Speranza in lieu of gifts for the newlyweds are  great ways for Brides and Grooms to make a difference on their wedding day! 

Dress Down Day

Get your boss to approve a dress down day and everyone who donates $5 to Speranza gets to dress down on a planned day.  

In Honor or Memorial Gifts

Remember the animal lover in your life with a gift to Speranza Animal Rescue or ask for memorial contributions to be sent to Speranza Animal Rescue. 

Become a Sponsor!

Capital Campaign Sponors


During the summer of 2015, we started building a 16 kennel addition to the barn, with each dog in the new kennel having their own individual outdoor run.  Shortly after the start of the new addition, issues began with the township, causing Speranza to be reclassified as a commercial kennel.  Building efforts were put on hold while the Conditional Use Permit process played out. New building plans were approved, which include a mandatory handicapped accessible bathroom and a stand-alone septic system.  Last year, we raised approximately $25,000 for the building and required perimeter fence.  That money was used to build the addition and bathroom, install the the septic system and build the mandatory perimeter fence (which all ended up costing more than $150,000). The fence and septic system are complete and the bathroom and addition are 90% done.  Dogs are already living in the addition and loving it!  We just need to finish the siding, gutters and some last little details.

Although construction is almost complete, we are still trying to financially recover from all of the unexpected expenses brought on by the new classification of “commercial kennel.”  Our rescue is located on a 17 acre horse farm and there is constant maintenance that must be done and we are continuously trying to improve our facilities, so the need for our Capital Campaign continues. We have plans to renovate our original kennel space this summer and build an on site office and indoor meet and greet space.

Capital Campaign Giving Levels

Top Dog - Donation of $1,000
Have your name engraved on a brass plaque to be placed on the front of one of our 14 kennel doors!

Tail Wagger - Donation of $500
Have your name engraved on a large brass plaque on a wall display!

Pampered Puppy - Donation of $250
Have your name engraved on a small brass plaque on a wall display!

Donate to the Capital Campaign

Corporate Sponsors

Speranza Animal Rescue is very excited to present our 2017 event sponsor opportunities.  Speranza relies on donations to fund our mission of saving the most abused and neglected dogs and our annual events generate a big portion of our operating budget. We have laid out an entirely new way for your business to become a sponsor for a single event or for multiple events; with new benefits for becoming a sponsor.  We have new events planned for 2017 in addition to our annual 5K, Pumpkinfest and Gala and we look forward to your business being a part of them!


Volunteering at Speranza is incredibly rewarding. Not only are you dedicating your time and energy to a wonderful cause, but you get to experience rescue dogs’ gratitude...and the feeling is indescribable. The dogs look forward to their daily walks with the volunteers. They will get to know you and will come to bond with you. They will relish your attention and affection. The dogs at Speranza are waiting for families of their own, but until that happens, you - the volunteers - are their family. And they know it.  

Fostering a Speranza Dog

Fostering is a very important part of rescue, because it allows more animals to be saved. There is a capacity on how many dogs Speranza can have at one time and sadly we can’t save every dog that needs our help.  Every foster home that welcomes a foster dog, opens a kennel at the rescue so that another dog can be saved.    Fostering also provides an in-home experience and takes the dog through the transition from rescue to home life, which makes the dog that much more adoptable.  Fostering is extremely rewarding.