Become a Sponsor

Speranza Animal Rescue is very excited to present our 2019 event sponsor opportunities.  Speranza relies on donations to fund our mission of saving the most abused and neglected dogs and our annual events generate a big portion of our operating budget. We have laid out an entirely new way for your business to become a sponsor for a single event or for multiple events; with new benefits for becoming a sponsor.  We have new events planned for 2019 in addition to our annual 5K, Pumpkinfest and Gala and we look forward to your business being a part of them!

Why become a sponsor?

Speranza Animal Rescue is a 501c3 Non-Profit and all donations/sponsorships are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided. 

Speranza needs support from sponsors to be able to cover the up front cost of putting on fundraising events.  In return for your generosity, we offer as many benefits to your business as we can.

  • ”Presented By” – Your business name will become part of the event name and will be included in every advertisement for that event. Example: “Speranza Animal Rescue’s Pumpkinfest 2017 Presented by Acme Company”

  • Facebook shares – Speranza has almost 98,000 Facebook followers. We will share your business’ link on our FB page

  • Website – We will put your logo and link on our new website on our Sponsor page.

  • Advertisement on homepage – We will put a banner advertisement of your choice on our websites home page for the listed number of months

  • Banners - Banners will be printed with your logo and hung at the event

  • Booths/Tables – Sponsors have the option to set up an informative table or “booth” about your business

What does Speranza do with the money?

All money raised goes to providing food, veterinary care, shelter and enrichment for the dogs.  In 2016 Speranza saved 83 dogs and adopted out 73 dogs to loving homes.  Quality veterinary care is always our greatest expense because of the nature of our mission.